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Rainbow Cinema

“The Cinema of the Town”
offers four original short movies.

Available subtitles: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean
Please inform the staff members of the title you wish to watch and the subtitle language you require

  • Walter in Waterland


  • Water that Does Not Return —A World without Sewerage


  • Rainbow Heart—Can You Protect Tokyo?


  • A Tokyo Manhole Story


A:“Walter in Waterland”(9min)

An adventurous fantasy animation on the importance of water

B:“Water that Does Not Return —A World without Sewerage”(9min)

Three short movies imagining an unfortunate world without sewerage

C:“Rainbow Heart—Can You Protect Tokyo?”(6min)

A movie spotlighting sewage workers, introducing their jobs and contributions

D:“A Tokyo Manhole Story”(18min)

A slightly curious short movie on sewerage
※Subtitles are not available for “A Tokyo Manhole Story.”

Rainbow Cinema

Entrance and Sewerage Square

Optical Illusion

A photo spot where you can see the mechanism of underground sewerage.

Optical Illusion

Clay Pipe Vision

When you stand in front of this interactive device, your image is reflected in a sewer pipe and a flow of sewage changes in reaction to your movement.

Clay Pipe VisionClay Pipe Vision

Ball Circus

In this play space, the flow of the balls helps you learn about the sewerage system and water circulation.

Ball Circus

Sewerage Square

This square features panel exhibitions and events on sewerage.

Sewerage Square

Earth-kun’s House

You can flush water and see through the glass how wastewater from a home flows away.

※You can read books and watch videos on sewerage.

Earth-kun’s HouseEarth-kun’s House

Sewer Pipe

This exhibit displays a life-size deteriorated sewer pipe and the reconstruction method.

※From the outside, you can see the inside of a manhole and a real sewage pipe.

  • Sewer Pipe
  • Sewer Pipe

Water Reclamation Center

The pumping sites, central control room, and water quality laboratory are reproduced.
The sewerage system and sewerage-related works are introduced.

Water Reclamation Center
  • The pumping sites

    The pumping sites

  • central control room

    central control room

  • water quality laboratory are reproduced

    water quality laboratory are reproduced

Sewerage Town Tour

Take a tour of the facility with a tablet device and solve quizzes; have fun and learn how the sewerage system works!

Available in four languages
Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean
*Tablet devices are rented out at the information center

Sewerage Town TourEarth-kun

The mascot for the Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government